Candy Confetti Poppers


Sam Temsah-Deniskin
Sam is the eccentric mastermind behind The Frosted Petticoat - a special events blog and chocolate company. With a talent for pairing seemingly opposite elements in creative harmony, Sam's a go-to source for unique favor and party ideas for your next gathering.

Chinet® Classic White Napkins
Chocolates or Candy
Edible Confetti
12" x 12" Decorative Scrapbook Paper Sheets
Double Sided Tape


1. Start off by creating the decorative scrapbook paper cones to hold the candy. On the back of a 12" x 12" scrapbook paper of your choice, line up a ruler diagonally from one of its corners going towards the center of the sheet. Make a pencil mark 5.5" out from the corner. Then trace out a semi-circle from the mark's center. (Quick Tip: I lined up a 6" diameter dessert plate to the mark and then traced around the edges to create the semi-circle). This should give you the round-edge, triangle shape you'll need to make the base of the poppers. Repeat these steps along the rest of the edges of the sheet and then cut out the cone shapes.

2. Once the round-edge triangles have been cut out of the scrapbook paper, you'll need to make them into cones. Do this by bending the long edges together to form a pointed base. Use double-sided tape to secure the edges in the cone shape.

3. Now it's time to fill the poppers! Take a Chinet® Classic WhiteNapkin and completely unfold it onto a flat surface. Pinch the center of the unfolded napkin and lift up, allowing all the edges to fall downward. Then stuff the napkin neatly into a scrapbook paper cone, with the pinched center of the napkin touching the inside tip of the cone. The rest of the napkin should fan up and out of the top of the cone. Then place the candies and edible confetti inside the napkin-lined cones. I filled my poppers with sugar confetti and The Frosted Petticoat' chocolate Vintage Sienna Jewels!

4. Once you've filled the cones to the top with candy, tie off the excess napkin edges with a decorative ribbon. Here I used a combination of jute and emerald baker's twine for the finishing touches. Repeat these steps to create as many poppers as you'd like. Now you're all set to bring a little British tradition to your partygoers!