Chinet Watermelon Purses

Both a fun craft and a perfect container for little girls, these watermelon purses are sure to be a birthday party (or any day) hit!

Chinet Classic White Platters
Red Acrylic Paint
Green Acrylic Paint
Black Permanent Marker
Colored Ribbon
Hot Glue Gun
Hole Punch


Start by cutting a Chinet Classic White Platter in half. Make sure that it is straight down the center. Paint the back for the plates red and green with acrylic paint; paint the base of the plate red and the outside rim green.

Next, using a hot glue gun, glue the two sides together (painted sides outward). When the glue has cooled, paint the inner lip (where the two plates are touching) of the glued plates green so that the only remaining white is on the inside of the purse.

Download the free watermelon seed template from Love the Day. Trace the watermelon seeds with a pencil on the purse and fill in with black permanent marker.

Using a hole punch, punch holes into each side of the purse. String the colored ribbon through the holes and tie!