Confetti Popper Invitation


Sara Schmutz
Sara of Confetti Sunshine is all about parties – big or small. Sara features inspiration for any of life’s celebrations on her blog, and shared some DIY ideas here to help invite the guests to your next celebration.

Confetti Popper invitation printable
Cardstock paper
Tissue paper
Confetti or small candy


Download, print, and cut out the invitation. Out of the cardstock paper, cut out a 4 1/4" by 5 1/2" piece of paper. Roll the cardstock paper into a tube, and tape into place. Roll the confetti popper up in some tissue paper. Tie one end of the tissue paper closed with a piece of twine. Fill the other end of the confetti popper with confetti or small candy.

Once the confetti popper is full, tie the other end off with some twine. Roll the invitation around the confetti popper and tape into place.