Create a May Day Basket


Chinet® Classic White™ plates
Hole punch
Double-sided tape


Over the centuries, how we celebrate the arrival of May and spring continues to evolve. A more recent tradition is the May Day basket. See our instructions below on how to create your own May Day basket.

Step One Supplies: Chinet® Classic White™ plate, scissors and ingenuity Cut the plate in half. Put both halves together with the tops inward, making a container. Feeling creative? Try painting the plate or have the kids draw on them before cutting. We especially love the paint dipped look for these!

Step Two Supplies: Hole punch, double-sided tape and muscle Punch holes wherever you want to place the twine. It helps if you use double-sided tape to hold the two plate halves together so the holes will be aligned. We got fancy and made 14 holes evenly spaced on ours. The plates are tough, so put a little extra muscle into it.

Step Three Supplies: Twine and flare Now, use twine, ribbon, or string to thread the two plate halves together. Be sure to use a little extra string so that you can tie a bow or knot at the top.

Step Four Supplies: Flowers and a knack for arranging Finally, cut flowers to fit into the basket you've created. Flowers can sometimes be pricey, so if you're looking for a fun alternative, try making tissue paper flowers or pick some wild flowers.

Step Five Supplies: Your May Day recipient It's time for the best part - deliver your May Day basket!