Create a Patriotic Place Setting


Chinet® Classic White® Plates
Chinet® Cut Crystal® Dessert Plates
Chinet® Cut Crystal® Wine Glasses and Cups
Chinet® Cut Crystal® cutlery
Chinet® Classic White® Dinner Napkins
Red, white and blue bandanas
Letter stickers
Fresh flowers
Red and blue tissue paper
Red, white and blue washi tape


Placemats with a Punch Directions

  • Step One: Use red, white and blue paisley bandanas as placemats for table setting. If you're hosting a potluck, arrange the bandanas down the center of the table as if they are a table runner. Fourth of July Flower Vase Directions Step One: Wrap one strip of washi tape over the bottom and around the sides of a Chinet® Cut Crystal® Cup. Tuck each end of the tape inside the cup for a seamless look.
  • Step Two: Repeat step one, by covering the cup with two more pieces of washi tape to create a striped design on the sides of the cup. Feeling creative? Mix and match colors and patterns for a unique look.
  • Step Three: Fill with your favorite fresh flowers for easy, do-it-yourself Fourth of July decor!

Independence Day-Inspired Cups Directions:

  • Step One: Dress up your cups for Fourth of July with fun letter stickers. Label cups with patriotic phrases such as USA, Brave and Freedom. Patriotic Napkin Tie Directions Step One: Lay the dinner napkin flat on the table and fold in half vertically.
  • Step Two: Place flatware side-by-side on top of the napkin. Then, wrap a piece of washi tape around the flatware to secure flatware to napkin.
  • Step Three: Wrap a piece of twine around washi tape and tie in a bow or knot. For a different look, experiment using decorative ribbon or string in place of twine!

Fourth of July Cupcake Pom-Pom Directions

  • Step One: Cut a strip of tissue paper between six and 12 inches long. Continue to cut slits in the bottom of the tissue paper approximately half an inch apart. If you're feeling fancy, double up on two colors!
  • Step Two: Take a cake pop stick and roll into tissue paper tightly
  • Step Three: Now, add a piece of washi tape at the base of the tissue paper attaching it to the cake pop stick.
  • Step Four: Finally, cut the cake pop stick to desired length and insert into cupcake
  • Step Five: Enjoy!