Decorative Leaf Cube


Modge Podge (diluted Elmer's Glue)
Chinet® Classic White Square Dessert Plates
Hot glue gun
Paper towels


Leaves aren't just for crunching beneath your feet! Pick them up to add a little sparkle to your table. Collect fall leaves, wet them and press them between heavy books for approximately 48 hours.

Be sure to use a layer of paper towels to absorb the moisture. Then, paint each leaf with Modge Podge (diluted Elmer's Glue) and sprinkle with glitter over a Chinet® Classic White Dinner Plate.

Meanwhile, hot glue six Chinet® Classic White Square 6 3/8" Dessert Plates together in the shape of a cube. Then, attach the glittered leaves to the cube.