Decorative Pumpkin


Pumpkin Acrylic paint
Jewel stickers
Craft-grade sealant (optional)
Chinet® Classic White Dinner Napkins


Fall party decor isn't complete without a few pumpkins. But this year, you can forget the carving knife. Opt for a more creative and personal way to complete your party space.

When choosing your pumpkin, look for one with a smooth surface, no bruises, soft spots or scratches. Gently clean your pumpkin by dampening a Chinet® Classic White Dinner Napkin and dry with a soft cloth. Before you start painting, choose your design and let your creativity soar! Consider in your design any embellishments you may add after the paint dries. Apply a craft-grade sealant (optional) to your pumpkin and allow to dry thoroughly. Paint your pumpkin with acrylic paint, applying a solid one-color coat for the background of your design. Trace the design on your pumpkin with permanent marker or stencil, then go over it with paint. Once the paint dries, apply a light layer of craft-grade sealant (optional) and wait until it dries completely. Add any embellishments and enjoy!