DIY Dipped Salad Utensils with Bottled Dressing


Lexy Ward
Lexy started PROPER to encompass all things happy, pretty and entertaining. From recipes to parties, Lexy loves finding ways to create and make anyone feel special – including the party hosts!

A favorite seasonal salad dressing - homemade or store-bought
Glass bottle or jar (one you're willing to have the host keep!)
Wooden Salad Utensils
Painter's tape
Acrylic paint - pick any color!
Paint brush
Decorative twine or ribbon


Tape off the bottom handles of the wooden salad utensils with a strip of painter's tape - this will give the paint a crisp edge on the handle. Paint 3 layers of acrylic paint on the bottom of each utensil and then quickly remove the tape.

Place the homemade or store-bought dressing in a plain glass bottle and seal tight. Allow the utensils to dry before attaching them to the bottle of salad dressing with some decorative twine or leather string!