Embossed Napkins


Eden Passante
Eden Passante founded Sugar and Charm as a way to share easy ways to add charm to the daily life. From bar fundamentals to enticing cocktail recipes, Eden shares a little charm in setting the bar for your next party.

Chinet® Classic White™ Beverage Napkins
Embossing tool (can be found at a craft store)
Embossing powder
Clear embossing ink in the form of a stamp pad
Decorative stamps


Place the stamp in the clear embossing ink and then push down firmly on the napkin in the location where you want the embossment. Dust some of the embossing powder over the napkin; it will cling to the graphic. Next, dust the surrounding powder off of the napkin. Using the heated tool, seal the powder until it melts together - this will only take a few seconds!