Family Photo Centerpieces


Chinet® Classic White™ Square Dessert Plates
Printed copies of family photos
Metallic spray paint
Spray glue
Glue gun


The holidays are always more special when you're surrounded by friends and family. Here's a nostalgic way to include all your loved ones. Great for stimulating conversations and telling stories around the table.

Lightly spray paint each paper plate in a well-ventilated area and let dry. Cut and trim each family photo to a 4"x4" square. Lightly coat back of photos with spray glue and adhere each one to the center of a dried painted plate. Once you have at least three mounted photos, use the glue gun to place a strip of hot glue on the right edge of one plate and glue it to the left edge of a second plate. Using the third plate, repeat, making a triangle from the three plates. Do several and scatter around the table. For a taller display, do the same with another 3 plates and then hot glue that set on top of the original set.