Thowing a party for someone special? Give your guests some additional face time with these Fun Faces.

Make photocopies of your party honoree, apply hot glue to the back of the photocopies and place them on a Chinet® Classic White Dinner or Appetizer Plates.

Cut out the faces from plates. Next, begin making the hat - simply cut out a triangle from Chinet® Patterns, create fringe on a 4 inch strip of Chinet® Classic White Dinner Napkins. Unfold the napkin to open lengthwise, then use scissors to cut 2-3 inches up toward the fold. Use four layers of napkins (2 napkins) for the fringe and attach together with staples.

Attach fringe to flat decorative cone with hot glue, then attach to face. Then attach handle made from Chinet® Cut Crystal® Cutlery (recommend knife) to back with hot glue. These can be used as a mask or a decorative motif for your party. Place faces, handle first in the Comfort Cup® by Chient® for easy access for guests.