Glittered Cup Garland


Lindi Haws
There is nothing Lindi loves more than finding unique and creative ways to celebrate the most important days in life. From printable products to creative DIY decor, Lindi creates ways to make parties memorable so others can Love The Day.

Chinet® Cut Crystal 9 oz. cups
Gold glitter Christmas light garland
Double-sided tape
Metal rod


Take a metal rod and heat over a fire. When the rod is nice and hot, burn a small hole through the bottom of the Chinet® cup, leaving space just large enough for a bulb of the Christmas light garland. Next tape around the brim of the cups with double-sided tape (about an inch and a half thick) and sprinkle with gold glitter. Shake excess glitter off. Unscrew the light bulbs from the garland, place the bulb through the cup and re-screw back to the garland.