A Brunch with a Punch

Add a splash of color and some handmade delights to your mid-morning galas.

We love brunches. And we love these easy, themed ideas that can dress up even the simplest table spread.

How to Wow

Spoon Hurricane
Embellished Spring Cups

Help guests keep track of cups by adding a little flair.

Fruit Punch
Icy Fruit Chillers
Shrimp, Cucumber and Papaya Skewers
Crunchy Mango Parfait

It’s what the French call “perfection.”

To-Go Cupcakes

Send guests home with a sweet reminder of their fun morning.

Donut Coffee Skewers
Egg Strata with Ciabatta Crust
Asparagus Frittata with Fontina
Asparagus Frittata
French Toast Casserole

A decadent breakfast bake straight from the patisserie.

Brunch Patterns and Invitations