Have Candles. Will Party

A birthday party is a great reason to go all out! Try these snacks and crafts.

Is someone you know blowing out candles soon? Make everyone's wishes come true with these great brithday party ideas, recipes and crafts.

Lemon Brookies

The perfect cross between a brownie and a cookie

Labeled Lemonade Cups

Keep track of your cup with these crafty labels.

Cake Sundae
Birthday Patterns and Invitations
Dapper Neckties & Elegant Bows

A dressed-up napkin fold for elegant occasions.

JalapeƱo, Spinach & Artichoke Dip
Patterned Chip Cup Sleeve

Here's some patterned fun for your chip cups.

Birthday Banner
Fun Faces
Stuffed Baked Pears
Balloon Frames
Celebratory Candles

Set the mood with candles - the more, the better!

Birthday Wrapped Cutlery