The Perfect Backyard BBQ

Add some downhome charm to your outdoor cookout with a themed buffet.

Nothing brings friends together like a backyard barbecue. Here're some easy ways to give your spread some extra sizzle.

Cherry Sangria
Peppermint Napkin Ties
Here's a thoughtful touch your guests will appreciate. Tie a tasty mint to your napkin and flatware roll-ups. A refreshing treat for after the meal!
Embellished BBQ Cups
Baked Artichokes
Spicy Honey Wings
Sugar-Rimmed Dessert Cups
Decorative Paper Plate Banners
Red, White and Blue Cheesecake
Green Goddess Dip
Add a little zest to your veggie tray with this easy dip recipe, featuring fresh herbs and just the right hint of anchovies. Course black pepper will kick it up a notch.
Sweet Potato Chips
Grilled Potato Salad