Jack-O-Lantern Mask


Chinet® Classic White® Dinner Plate
Pumpkin carving template
Pumpkin carving utensils (or scissors)
Orange paint (acrylic or spray)
Black paint (acrylic)
Paintbrush (2)
Green wired ribbon
Hot glue gun
Glue Pen/Pencil


Paint plate orange. While plate is drying, find a pumpkin carving template online (or use one you already have) and cut out to use as stencil. Once plate is dry, use a pen or pencil to trace stencil image onto plate. Paint inside traced area with black paint to make nose and mouth. Use pumpkin carving utensils (or scissors) to cut out eye holes. Arrange pieces of ribbon to form a stem and/or vines and use hot glue gun to attach ribbon to back of plate.