Chinet® Classic White® Dinner Plate

Chinet® Classic White® All Occasion Plate

Pumpkin carving utensils (or scissors)

Pumpkin carving template

Black paint (acrylic or spray)


Vellum paper

Elmer's glue

Battery-operated candle



Paint both plates black. Click here to print the template shown or find a pumpkin carving template online. Cut out shapes to use as stencil. Once plates are dry, trace image(s) onto dinner plate and cut out using pumpkin carving utensils, just like you would do when carving a pumpkin. Turn the lunch plate upside-down and cut a slit in the middle to use as a stand. Cut a circle from vellum the size of your dinner plate and glue to the back of the plate. Turn on your battery-powered candle, insert dinner plate into lunch plate stand and set in front of candle.