Modern Spoon Mirror


Large piece of cardboard cut to desired diameter

Circular glass mirror

100-200 Chinet® Spoons

Hot glue gun

Sticky tabs

Spray paint

Utility scissors


It seems a shame to keep this one confined to the holidays. An easy DIY project turns ordinary disposable spoons into a unique statement piece your guests will surely comment on. Before cutting spoons, spray paint them in your desired colors. We recommend spraying some a different shade to create a more dynamic look. While the spoons are drying, center the mirror on the cardboard and trace a circle around it. Once the spoons are dry, cut each one at the base, using utility scissors. Starting 1/2" from the outside edge of the cardboard, hot glue the spoons side by side around the edge. Then move in 1/2" and glue another round of spoons. Continue this until you've glued the row that overlaps the circle that you traced. Now stick and stack the sticky tabs to the back of the mirror until it's high enough to clear the spoons, and attach the mirror to the cardboard.