Paper Plate Pig


Chinet® Classic White™ 10 3/8" Dinner Plate
Chinet® Classic White 6 3/4" Appetizer and Dessert Plate*
Pink paint
Pink construction paper
Pink pipe cleaner
Black marker
Googly eyes (optional)
Hole punch (optional)

*If you don't have a small paper plate, you can always make a circle with pink construction paper.


This little piggy will keep your kids busy and their imaginations sharp. 1. Paint both paper plates pink. Glue the small plate onto the large plate, not in the center, but offset. 2. Cut out all of your shapes from pink construction paper. You will need: 4 pig feet, 1 round snout and 2 triangle ears. 3. Glue all of your paper parts onto your pig's body. Glue on your googly eyes (or use a marker to draw them on). Don't forget to draw on your pig's nostrils! 4. Make a hole at the top of your big paper plate with a hole punch or scissors. Thread the pink pipe cleaner through the hole and curl it for the tail.