Chinet® Classic White Dinner Napkins
Food coloring
Wooden skewers


For a cheap and easy way to brighten up your table, unfold Chinet® Classic White Dinner Napkins into large rectangles. Then add food coloring to a bowl of water, dip the napkins into the colored water and lay the napkins flat. After the napkins are completely dry, mark about 1" length and 1.5" width on non-colored and colored napkins. Begin cutting out small rectangles. Cut rectangles length wise to create shredded portion of pom-pom, but be careful not to cut entirely through.

Begin applying sections of the napkins to wooden skewers, layering colored napkins and non-colored napkins. Start about 1" from top of skewer and begin layering upward until desired pom-pom thickness is met. Place a dot of glue to secure napkin on skewer for each applied layer. Then, secure bottom portion of pom-pom with a small piece of tape, wrapping around bottom layer completely.