Sewing Kit Favor Boxes


Sam Temsah-Deniskin
Sam is the eccentric mastermind behind The Frosted Petticoat - a special events blog and chocolate company. With a talent for pairing seemingly opposite elements in creative harmony, Sam's a go-to source for unique favor and party ideas for your next gathering.

Chinet® Classic White 10 3/8" Dinner Plate
Sewing Accessories: Measuring Tapes, Pin Cushions, Spools & Thimbles Pink Tulle (or a color of your choice!)
Velvet Emerald Ribbon (or a color of your choice!)
Hot Glue Gun


Perfect for tea parties and showers, these DIY sewing kits are sure to dazzle your craft-loving friends! These handmade paper plate baskets are filled with delightful accessories, like thimbles and pincushions. Easily made and adorably presentable, they're a great alternative to the edible favor.

1. First you'll need to create the favor boxes using Chinet paper plates. Take out a Chinet® Classic White 10 3/8" Dinner Plate and trace a 6" diameter circle around the center of the plate. (Quick Tip: I did this by tracing around a 6" dessert plate that I centered on the Chinet paper plate). Cut out the traced circle.

2. Lightly pencil in a tic-tac-toe grid on the cutout circle. The center square of the grid should be centered in the middle of the 6" circle and should measure approximately 2.5" x 2.5".

3. Now that you have the grid, rotate the circle and cut every other line from its edge to the edge of the grid's center box. There should only be four lines cut in total, creating four flaps. One at a time, fold the flaps up around the grids center box to form the basket shape. Once the shape is formed, glue the flap edges to one another using a hot glue gun and voila! You have handmade favor boxes!

4. Once the hot glue has cooled, wrap decorative ribbon around the boxes for a little extra flare. I used a beautiful velvet emerald ribbon and jute twine as decoration. I then lined the inside of the boxes with a handful of pink tulle for a sweet pop of color.

5. Lastly, let the fun begin as you fill the favor boxes with goodies! From mint-colored measuring tape to strawberry-shaped pincushions to vintage thimbles, my boxes were filled with adorable sewing accessories. This is a great time to let your creativity flow and spoil your guests with some unique treats.