Spoon Candle Holders (Bobeches)


Chinet® Cutlery
Chinet® Classic White Dinner Plate
Garden pruners
Hot glue gun
Candle (7" taper recommended)
Seasonal floral item (optional)


Fire up some seasonal flair with these not-so-traditional candle holders.

Simply cut 16 spoons from Chinet® Cut Crystal® Cutlery at the base of the bowl with garden pruners, and wear goggles while cutting to protect your eyes. Using scissors, cut two 2'' circles from a Chinet® Classic White Dinner Plate to serve as the base of the candle holder. Then, hot glue eight of the spoons, evenly spaced, to the outer edges of the paper circle. When dry, hot glue the remaining spoons to the inner part of the first paper circle, off-setting each one below the top layer to create a pretty petal shape. Let the glue dry and attach the other paper circle to the bottom to create stability. Glue a candle of your choice to the center. To add a special look to your candle holder, glue a seasonal floral item to the base.