Spoon Hurricane


Glass or ceramic hurricane candle holder
Hot glue gun
60-100 Chinet® Flatware Spoons
Utility scissors
Battery-operated candle


Here's a fun way to dress up an old glass or ceramic hurricane, using Chinet® Flatware spoons. It's a great craft for the kids, and you'll end up with a fun, decorative votive.

The rounded shapes remind us of flower petals. Using the utility scissors, cut each spoon at the base, saving the spoon part and disposing of the handle. Spray paint the spoons the color of your choice. After spoons dry, place glue at the base of each spoon and attach it, rounded side up, 1/2" down from the top of the hurricane. Continue this until you've placed a row of spoons side by side all the way around the hurricane. Then glue another row 1/2" below the first row. Continue gluing, row by row, until you've reached the bottom of the votive. When you've finished, place a battery-powered candle in the hurricane. Note that heat from a real candle can soften and melt hot glue when left burning for too long. We recommend using a battery-operated candle.