Watercolor Plate Set


Lexy Ward
Lexy started PROPER to encompass all things happy, pretty and entertaining. From recipes to parties, Lexy loves finding ways to create and make anyone feel special – including the party hosts!

Chinet® Classic White Plates - any size, any shape
1 cup of water
Food coloring
Paint brush
Colorful utensils (optional)
Ribbon and/or cellophane for gift packaging


Give the simple Chinet Classic White Plates a colorful makeover by painting with a little diluted food coloring. Add a few drops of food coloring to 1 cup of water and paint each plate with a little color. Don't be alarmed if the plate seems rough when wet. It will smooth out once dry. To get that gorgeous ombre effect, paint light in the center of the plate and gradually darken the hue as you reach the bottom of the plate. Wait one hour to dry and then wrap up with colorful utensils and head to that bash!