Red, White, and Blue Tablecloth DIY

Dress up your outdoor table for your summer party with this easy red, white, and blue table covering idea!



  • 1

    It is easiest to decorate the tablecloth right before the party by laying it out on the table you plan to cover and then decorating it.


  • 2

    Roll out a length of red party streamer down the center of the tablecloth so that it reaches both ends and trim with scissors. Repeat with two more lengths of streamers.

  • 3

    Secure each streamer to the tablecloth by adding a small length of double-sided tape or a glue dot on the bottom side of the steamer every 12 inches or so.

  • 4

    Once you have secured the three rows of red streamers, add sparkly star stickers to each end of the tablecloth.

  • 5

    Set your table and enjoy!