Homemade Latte Hacks

Homemade coffee just got an upgrade!

Don’t settle for boring coffee at home when you can give it an easy upgrade. Top your hot or cold coffee with homemade whipped cream to make a delicious latte. 

  • Brewed Coffee 
  • Heavy cream or half and half 
  • Cocoa​ 
  • Nutmeg​ 
  • Cinnamon​ 

Hack 1: Make your whipped cream  
If you don’t have whipped cream at home to finish off your latte, don’t worry! You can make homemade whipped cream in a cinch.  

  1. Pour ½ cup half and half or heavy cream into a Chinet® brand Comfort Cup® insulated cup. 

  2. Froth cream with a milk frother for roughly 1-2 minutes until the cream becomes thick.  

Hack 2: Top your drink 
Once your homemade whipped cream is complete, top your drink. 

  1. Pour the whipped cream from the Chinet® brand Comfort Cup® insulated cup into a plastic bag. 

  2. Cut the tip off the plastic bag and gently swirl the whipped cream over your drink. 

Hack 3: Flavor your drink 
After your drink is topped with whip, add the flavor. 

  1. Shake cinnamon, nutmeg and/or cocoa on top of the whipped cream to give your beverage added flavor. 


How to Serve it Up

Insulated Hot Cups and Lids