4th of July Dessert Table


By: Lindi Haws of Love The Day

I can think of no better memory than celebrating 4th of July as a child. My entire neighborhood got REALLY into the holiday and held a celebration like no other. We would start with a bike parade and 5K race in the morning. All of the neighborhood kids would gather to decorate their bikes with streamers, pinwheels and red, white and blue pompoms. We would ride around the neighborhood behind a red flat-bed truck with its speakers blaring “Coming to America” by Neil Diamond.

During the day, the men and women would sit by the pool while the kids swam and played at a nearby park. In the late afternoon, the men would roll their grills to the streets and a massive block party would commence. There was always homemade root beer, hot dogs and lots and lots of desserts. Just as it would get dark, all the kids would sit on the curb and hours of shooting off store-bought fireworks would commence. It was amazing.


Now that I’m a mom, I am trying to create wonderful patriotic memories for my girls. We just moved to Dallas and this will be our first 4th of July in our new neighborhood. I’m already scheming with my new neighbors to see if they’d be interested in hosting a block party with me. If it does happen, you better believe there will be a 4th of July dessert table in front of my house! 



The dessert table will be smothered in red, white and blue garlands, honeycombs and paper fans. We will have the most delicious treats like the ones below! I will be sure to fill the table with LOTS of Chinet® Classic White paper plates and Chinet® Cut Crystal® cups, so kids can grab their plates and cups to go. And fireworks! So many fireworks! I can’t wait.



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Lindi Haws is the founder of Love The Day. There is nothing Lindi loves more than finding unique and creative ways to celebrate the most important days in life. From printable products to creative DIY decor, Lindi creates ways to make parties memorable so others can love the day.