7 Tips for Hosting a Bridal Shower


It’s an honor to host a shower for the bride-to-be, but it can be a challenge to think through all the details. Here are our tips for how to host a shower that the guests and the bride will enjoy. 

Consider doing a theme

If the bride is in need of a certain type of item from her registry, you can indicate a gifting theme on the invitation. A “stock the kitchen” party has guests purchase kitchen items from the bride’s registry and share a favorite recipe to get her started on her new kitchen. If the couple has no registry or is putting more emphasis on the honeymoon, the party’s theme can revolve around gifting experiences, like restaurant gift cards and honeymoon activities. 

Keep the menu simple

No need to stress over a complicated menu. Small bites are all that’s needed for a midday bridal shower. Serve waffle sticks and syrup in Chinet® Cut Crystal® 9 oz. cups or try this recipe for mini quiches

Don’t forget the bubbly

Big-batch drinks served in pitchers or punch bowls are ideal for a bridal shower crowd. You could also consider setting up a mimosa bar to allow guests to customize their cocktails. The important thing is to ensure you’re not tied up crafting individual cocktails while trying to host the shower.

Break the ice with games

Since some of the guests may not know each other, playing games is a good way to break the ice. Most bridal shower games center on the bride, since knowing the bride is the one thing all of the guests are sure to have in common. Check Pinterest for game inspiration. There are lots of free printables online for popular bridal shower games. Don’t forget to grab some prizes for the winners.

Keep the party moving

It’s great when guests get caught up in conversation and the time seems to fly, but if you start getting a restless vibe, don’t hesitate to skip a game or two and move on to the next thing. To keep guests occupied while the bride is opening gifts, play bridal shower bingo or serve dessert.

Set up a DIY photo booth

Repurpose a doorway or blank wall into a pretty backdrop where guests can take photos with the bride. Hang ribbon or streamers in alternating colors and add some fun details like flowers and Mylar balloons.

Give guests a gift

Usually, a bridal shower includes sending guests home with a little party favor. We like the idea of giving them a cute succulent plant they can enjoy displaying in their home. You can use Chinet® Cut Crystal® 9 oz. cups to hold the succulents until guests choose to repot them.

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