Camp Kitchen Checklist


Whether you’re camping in a tent or traveling cross-country in an RV, mealtime can be tricky. It’s made even trickier when you realize you’ve forgotten a key utensil or when that recipe you thought looked pretty doable by campfire is turning out to be a complete disaster.

Chinet Camping ChecklistThat’s why we’ve taken the time to prepare for a comprehensive (and downloadable) camping kitchen checklist for you. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and more in the great outdoors is about to go off without a hitch.

Before you head out, compile a “kitchen box” (a glorified plastic bin) with the supplies and utensils below. Ideally, these will be separate from what you use in your real kitchen on a daily basis. That way, each time you go camping, your kitchen supplies are together in one place and ready to go. 

(Also, all Chinet® Classic White™ plates and napkins are eco-friendly and compostable, so you don’t need to feel guilty about using disposable products on your camping trip.) 

Whether your day in the great outdoors is just beginning or has come to an end, here are some delicious campfire recipes you can treat yourself to. 



Main Dishes:


Snacks & Sides: