Celebrate International Picnic Day


Who doesn’t love a good picnic on a warm, sunny afternoon? International Picnic Day is June 18, and what better way to celebrate than by hosting your own picnic? So break out the checkered linens, pack a bag, and head to your favorite grassy spot to enjoy the outdoors. Here are some ideas for hosting the perfect picnic. 

Pick a spot: A backyard picnic is super simple, but what about venturing out to a more “exotic” location? Find a shady spot at your favorite local park or next to a lake. A picnic is a great excuse to get out and enjoy the scenery. 

Spread out: Roll out your softest quilts and blankets—make sure there’s plenty of space for you and guests to spread out. No one should have to sit in the grass. Leave plenty of room to lie down, relax, and watch the clouds go by.

Sip and snack: Bring a bottle of wine if the location allows, or mix up some fun non-alcoholic drinks like this raspberry lemonade punch. A meat and cheese tray is an easy snack to make ahead. Try storing dessert in Chinet® Cut Crystal®cups for an easy grab-and-go treat. We love these blackberry cheesecake cups.

Pass the plates: A picnic calls for disposable plates, and our go-to for picnics is Chinet Classic White™ All Occasion plates. And thankfully there are plenty of ways to save on Chinet, so you can stock up for the summer. 

Bring the fun: Play some tunes, throw a Frisbee, read a book. Soak up the sun and enjoy being outside. 

We’d love to know how you celebrate International Picnic Day. Use #MyChinetParty to share your ideas and photos.