Celebrate National Chip and Dip Day


We love any excuse to get together—especially one that involves food. National Chip & Dip Day is coming up on March 23rd, and we’re looking forward to celebrating this classic snack pairing with family and friends.

Chinet Chip and Dip Tray with Carrots, Crackers, and Vegetable Dip

You might be thinking, how can I throw a party just serving chips and dips? Trust us, it’s possible! You just have to get a little creative on how you define chips and dips. Here are some ideas to get you started: 

Include a variety of “chips” – Nobody wants to fill up on tortilla chips all night long. To keep things interesting, serve up other varieties of chips, like pita, naan, bruschetta, crackers, pretzels, even veggies. This is a great place to start planning your spread because your “chips” will help determine what dips you’ll pair them with. 

Serve a few heavy dips – Dips that include meats and layers of hearty veggies will fill up your guests and make them feel like they’ve had a satisfying meal even though the night is all about snack foods. Paired with pita or naan, these dips will be similar to eating a sandwich, taco, or burrito. 

Make a fruit dip – Guests will appreciate a lighter dip that’s on the healthier side. A bowl of finely chopped fruits will serve as a dip, but can also be eaten without chips if guests need a break from all the crunching. Baked tortilla slices with a drizzle of cinnamon and sugar make this dip feel like a dessert. 

Don’t forget dessert dips – Nilla wafers, graham crackers, and pretzels make excellent chips for pairing with a sweet dessert dip. This pumpkin fluff dip is super tasty and takes just minutes to whip up. 

Make hosting easier by turning your chip & dip celebration into a potluck—the more options, the better! Whether you do a cultural theme or a melting pot of dips from around the world, give your guests some direction on what to bring so that you don’t end up with seven kinds of guacamole. If you need inspiration, check out our Delicious Dips Pinterest board. And don't forget to pick up a few Chinet® Chip & Dip Party Trays at a store near you to cut cleanup time and make serving a breeze. 

We’d love to see how you elevate National Chip & Dip Day! You’re invited to join the conversation on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by sharing your favorite chip and dip ideas using the hashtag #MyChinetParty. 

Chinet Chip and Dip Tray with Sweet Dessert Dip