Celebrate National No Housework Day


National No Housework Day is April 7—aka your official excuse to hire a housekeeper. With Easter just around the corner, you clearly deserve a day to kick your feet up, relax, and celebrate doing nothing in style. 

Hosting your No Housework celebration should be casual and low-key—after all, this is a day for taking it easy. Get your friends together for some light appetizers and drinks, then head out to dinner. Or host a simple potluck where everyone brings a small dish to share. If it’s a nice evening, gather around a fire outside. 

Here are some more ideas for making your No Housework celebration a night to remember:

Do a magazine swap. Ask your girlfriends to bring over magazines they’ve finished reading. Display the magazines on a table in a central location so guests can flip through at their leisure. There’s no better way to celebrate taking a day off from housework than kicking back with a glass of wine or sangria (we love this recipe) and a light read. 

Pitcher of Sangria with Two Clear, Chinet Stemless Wine Glasses

Serve up some (easy) apps. Not to brag, but our Chip & Dip Party Trays make serving up appetizers super easy without sacrificing presentation. Some of our favorite spreads include a classic meat and cheese tray, a chips and salsa tray, a chips and veggie dip tray, and a sweet and salty snack tray

Chinet Chip and Dip Tray with Tortilla Chips and Pico de Gallo

Order in. Skip cooking altogether and grab some takeout from your favorite local restaurant. Of course, you’ll want to avoid having any dishes to wash at the end of the night, so plate your meal on Chinet® Classic White™ square appetizer plates. They are made from recycled material and are biodegradable in home composting—leaving you to only feel guilty about having a second taco.

Two Women Laughing in Kitchen

Tablespread with Tacos

We want to know how you celebrate National No Housework Day. Snap a pic of your celebration and tag #MyChinetParty. Enjoy your day off!