Classic East Coast Brunch Recipes


The East Coast is known for its fast-paced way of life, which explains why many of their traditional breakfast foods can be enjoyed on the go. Next time you’re entertaining friends and family from the East Coast, make them feel right at home with a brunch spread featuring some of these classic East Coast recipes.


Traditionally, donuts are deep fried, but there’s an easier way to make them at home using just your oven—and they turn out just as sweet and cute as any donut shop.

Bagel Breakfast Sandwich

New York is famous for its bagels, so it’s no wonder East Coasters have developed an affinity for bagel breakfast sandwiches. In fact, New York loves its bagels so much that one bagel shop actually started offering a $1,000 bagel. Thankfully, you don’t need that much coin to make this savory bagel breakfast sandwich.

Eggs Benny

Probably the most classic of all East Coast breakfast recipes, eggs benedict consists of two halves of an English muffin topped with ham or bacon, a poached egg, and hollandaise sauce. If you’ve ever enjoyed eggs benedict (or eggs benny, as East Coasters say), you can thank New York City—that’s where the recipe really took off. While there are many variations of the dish, one of our favorites is Maryland style—substituting a crab cake in place of the ham.

Fish Cakes and Eggs

With access to some of the country’s best seafood, the East Coast has pride in its seafood recipes. And cod is by far the fish of choice. A beloved recipe for generations, fish cakes are pan-fried patties made of fish and potatoes. East Coasters top their fish cakes with poached eggs, similar to eggs benedict, to create a wonderfully savory breakfast dish.

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