Coffee On The Go with Style Me Pretty Living


Although spring has sprung, Mother Nature continues to tease us with temperamental weather. The forecast calls for 70 degrees and sunshine in the afternoon, but the mornings still feel like winter with frosty temperatures. It makes it hard to plan for the day, especially if you’re traveling or out and about handling laundry list of to-dos. Sound familiar? While we don’t have any style advice to fix your fashion woes for this unpredictable weather, we do have an easy solution to help keep you warm on those chilly mornings: Comfort Cup® by Chinet® filled with your go-to hot drink. It not only keeps your drink warm, but also your hands on those chilly mornings. And it has three layers of insulation, so even though you may not be able to go sleeveless quite yet, your cup can confidently bare it all without the risk of your drink getting cold. 

This week, our friends at Style Me Pretty Living shared how they take their favorite cup of Joe on the go using Comfort Cups. Find the full article here! And if you’re interested in trying out new hot drink recipes find a few of our favorites here.