Earn Top Honors With This Teacher Gift Idea


By: Kara Woolery of Lillian Hope Designs

Hey guys, Kara here from Lillian Hope Designs, and I’m excited to share this fun teacher gift idea with you!

clear cups with plants and plant labels

I have the perfect teacher's gift idea for back to school, teacher appreciation day, birthday's or any other special occasion using these free printable gift tags. Set up a planting station, have friends and their kiddos over and celebrate going back to school with plant crafts in Chinet® Cut Crystal® cups

Chinet cut crystal cups in garden

Set up the larger and smaller sizes of Cut Crystal cups to fit the different size plants. Have your gift tags printed and ready for kids to attach to their plants. You can cut these out easily using a 2-inch hole punch. Download the free gift tags here. Assemble the gift tags using tape and a lollipop or popsicle stick. Then, you simply insert into the soil after you are finished planting.

assortment of succulents and cacti 

If you are having a party, choose a variety of plants for everyone to pick from. If you are creating these gifts on your own, then let your kiddos pick out plants at the store that they want to give to their teacher. 

empty cup with dirt with flowers in background

Fill a bucket with soil and use a candy scoop for an easy way to get the soil into the cups. 

chinet cut crystal cup with plant

Dirt being filled in Chinet Cut Crystal Cup

Chinet Cut Crystal Cup with Dirt and planter tags

Cacti in Chinet Cut Crystal cup with Cute planter tag

Teachers will love these fun, homemade plant crafts. You may even make a few extra for around your house!

Cupcakes with Plants in background

If you are hosting a back to school party, be sure to pick up plenty of Chinet® Classic White products for all of the snacks and desserts. You’ll need plenty of napkins for easy clean up after planting. 

Succulents, Cacti, Dirt, and Chinet Cut Crystal Cups

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