Elements of a BBQ Spread—Kansas City Style



There’s a reason certain dishes are staples at a backyard BBQ—the classic flavors of southern comfort food are so tried and true, they need no elaboration. Being headquartered just outside of Kansas City, the Chinet® brand is no stranger to world-class BBQ. If you’re opting for a traditional BBQ spread at your next backyard soiree, make sure your table is stocked with these Kansas City must-haves. 

Slow-smoked meat 
The Kansas City region is known for its unique style of BBQ, which consists of slow-smoking meat over a variety of woods and then smothering it in BBQ sauce. Just about any type of meat can be used, but burnt ends (the crusty, flavorful tips of beef or pork brisket) are unique to Kansas City.

BBQ sauce
When it comes to BBQ, the sauce is everything. Kansas City-style sauce is both spicy and sweet, giving it a more complex flavor profile than your run-of-the-mill BBQ sauce.​

Baked beans
Kansas City has a unique method of adding flavor to baked beans: smoking them in the bottom of the grill. The combination of smoky heat and drippings from a rack of ribs adds a ton of flavor to a traditional baked beans recipe.​

Cole slaw
A BBQ staple, coleslaw serves as a healthy companion to sauced meat dishes. Plus, the dense ingredients hold up better than a typical salad when left outside.​

French fries
Thick-cut, golden fries are often paired with classic Kansas City BBQ dishes. The key is getting them crispy on the outside and creamy-soft on the inside. Coat with BBQ rub to beef up the flavor. 

Cheesy corn casserole 
Hands-down, Kansas City prefers its cheesy corn casserole to a basic corn on the cob. Creamy, savory, and slightly sweet, it’s the perfect southern comfort food.​