Five Tips to Help Mornings Run More Smoothly


By: Jessica Bailey,

Hello! Jessica from Pretty Providence here, excited to share with you my top five tips for helping your mornings run more smoothly! If you follow along over at Pretty Providence, then you know that I am NOT naturally a morning person. Unfortunately for me, my four little ones must have my husband’s genetic code when it comes to mornings because they all ping awake between 6 and 6:30 every morning, ready to take on the day! My husband helps a lot in the mornings, but as you can imagine, I have been forced to adapt and learn to function before 8! I'm excited to share five tips that I have picked up over the years to help mornings run more smoothly.

1. Go to bed early.

I know this is pretty intuitive, but it was a hard one for me. I am just naturally wired to be wide awake at night! One thing that has helped me get to bed earlier is to put away my phone. I heard that staring at screens before bed makes it harder to fall asleep, and that has totally been true for me. Instead, I switched to reading a book in bed to help me wind down. Not only does it help me relax and clear my head of my to-do list, but it’s fun. As soon as my eyes start drooping, I know it's time to hit the hay. Since doing this, I've found I fall asleep a lot faster than I used to!

2. Wake up ten minutes before you need to.

I have no idea why, but if I wake myself up, I am so much nicer than if a herd of loud, little voices comes in and does it for me. Even if it is just five minutes earlier so I can get out of bed, get dressed, and make myself some tea, my attitude is completely different. Lately I have loved hot water with lemon juice, as well. It helps wake me up, aids digestion, and has tons of other health benefits! I make it first thing in my Chinet® Comfort Cup® insulated hot cup, and then I am ready to head out the door to run carpool and start my day.

3. Plan ahead.

I plan in my planner weekly every Sunday, but each night before bed, I take a few minutes to look over the schedule for the next day and mentally prepare. Acknowledging all the things I have to do and making a plan for them helps me to sleep better and be ready to roll in the morning! I also like to lay out my kids’ clothes (especially if we have a particularly early morning) and get backpacks ready the night before. Even though we are up early around here, with so many people to get ready and going, the time can slip away fast. Especially because I always prioritize morning snuggling—always!

4. Eat breakfast.

Recently we have started meal planning, and it has been the best thing ever. We let the kids help pick the meals so they have ownership in it, and it is so nice to all be on the same page, rather than having to make four different things for four different people. One of our favorite things to do lately is to make a big batch of oatmeal on the stove and portion it out into Chinet Comfort Cup insulated hot cups. I do this for my husband and me especially, since we often don't get a chance to eat until we are on the road to work or carpool drop-offs!

5. Tidy the house before going to bed.

I am something of a clean freak; I have trouble focusing if my house is a disaster. I have a routine of picking up the house and doing the dishes before I go to bed each night. Even though it can feel like a pain when you are doing it, I have found my house is so much easier to maintain when I start out with a perfect fresh start each morning. I like to make myself some sleepy time tea to sip on as I pick up, and it has honestly become a routine to help me relax that I enjoy.

Well friends, I hope you find some of those tips helpful. Here's to making mornings run more smoothly all around!



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