Football Trivia to Test Your Gameday Guests' Knowledge



Next time you’re at a tailgate or hosting a gameday bash, wow your friends by rattling off some football facts from years past. Or let them join in on the fun by challenging them to see who can answer the most trivia questions correctly. 

Q: Everyone loves a good comeback story, especially during a world championship. Which team holds the record for the biggest comeback in the history of the Big Game? For bonus points, name the year as well as the deficit.
A: The Patriots. 2017. 25 points. 

Q: Michael Jordan famously played both basketball and baseball, but he’s not the only professional athlete to cross over between two sports. In fact, there is one athlete who has played in a championship game at the professional level in both baseball and football. Who was this athlete?
A: Deion Sanders

Q: By definition, wild cards are unpredictable because anything can happen when you draw one. And sometimes the truly unexpected happens, like a wild card team winning a world championship. 1980 was the first year this happened in football. What was the name of the winning team?
A: Oakland Raiders

Q: 1967 was the first year Americans enjoyed a world championship football game. Who was the winning team that year?
A: Green Bay Packers

Q: They say every dog has its day, but for a handful of football teams, that day is yet to come. How many professional football teams have yet to win a world championship?
A: 13

Q: Entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk has famously declared his plan to buy the New York Jets one day. He may be surprised to know the 1925 selling price of another New York team, the New York Giants. What was the going rate for the Giants franchise in 1925?
A: $500

Q: They say those who can’t write, edit, but this doesn’t seem to be true of playing and coaching football. In fact, one football star has done both in a world championship game. Who is this man?
A: Mike Ditka

Q: When it comes to sports, everyone wants to be the first pick. But imagine being the first pick in the first ever NFL draft. Now that’s an accolade only one man can claim. Who was the first draft pick in 1936?
A: Jay Berwanger 

Q: Speaking of the first NFL draft pick, this player never ended up playing professional football. What happened?
A: He never ended up signing a contract because he couldn’t reach an agreement on salary.