How To Host Your First Friendsgiving


If there’s one thing better than Thanksgiving dinner, it’s two Thanksgiving dinners. And if there’s one thing better than a second Thanksgiving dinner it’s sharing that second Thanksgiving dinner with your nearest and dearest friends. Here are some easy tips for hosting your very first Friendsgiving – and putting a tradition in a place that’s sure to be much-anticipated for many years to come.

Invite what you can handle.

For many, drafting the guest list is the hardest thing about hosting Friendsgiving. You want to invite everyone, but sometimes you simply don’t have space. The number of guests you invite might also be impacted by your experience cooking for crowds. If you’ve never cooked for more than 12 people, it may not be wise to see whether or not you can pull off cooking for 20 at the first Friendsgiving you host. At the end of the day, it all comes down to comfort level. Invite how many people you’re comfortable with in your home, and how many you’re comfortable cooking for.


Pick a date and stick with it.

The holidays get busy fast. So, pick a date sooner rather than later, and send out invitations three to four weeks in advance. As far as invitations go, we like this free Evite Invitation from Evite’s Thanksgiving invitation collection. Ideally, you’ll magically pick a date that works for everyone on your guest list. Chances are, it’s not going to happen that way. It’s always going to be someone’s brother’s birthday or office party – but that’s ok. Go with what works best for you, and don’t waver. Another benefit to sending out invitations early is that if you hear someone isn’t going to be able to make it, you have time to invite someone else in their place.

Keep it casual.

No need for fine china, here. These are your nearest and dearest friends, after all, and they don’t need impressing. Leave the breakable stuff in the cabinets and opt for Chinet® Cut Crystal® products instead. The line is completely disposable (easy cleanup, anyone?) but still looks special. Chinet® Cut Crystal® collection has everything you need to make a complete place setting, too – with dinner plates, dessert plates, 9 oz. and 14 oz. cups, stemless wine glasses and matching cutlery. Throw in the Classic White™ dinner napkins are you’ll good to go.


Go into the grocery store with a plan.

When you’re cooking for a crowd it’s best to get a plan together before you go the grocery store. Know your quantities and have a list in front of you including everything you need. That way, you won’t arrive home only realize you’ve got to go back. Here, we’ve put together a quantity guide that has all you need for your classic Thanksgiving recipes. For more specific recipe ideas, check out our Thanksgiving recipe page. For even more turkey-specific recipes, here are some ideas straight from the pros at Honeysuckle White.

What are you drinking?

Beer and wine are good to have on hand, but it’s nice to give guests a warm option, too. Here's a take on a festive, fall-inspired drink – the classic Hot Toddy. If you prefer something without alcohol, we suggest this Caribbean Coffee. So deliciously decadent it could almost take the place of dessert. Almost, we said.


Photos Source: Evite