How To Make a May Day Basket


Today, we’re sharing one of our favorite springtime crafts and traditions—May Day baskets! The history of the age-old custom goes something like this: at the end of April, people would gather flowers in hanging baskets to leave on the front door of friends and neighbors on May 1. While some may no longer practice this ritual, we love the idea of celebrating friendships with an easy-to-make, homemade gift. All you need to create your own May Day basket is a few household items and a little ingenuity. Okay, let’s get started! 

Here’s what you’ll need:
Chinet® Classic White All Occasion Plates
Hole Punch
Double-Sided Tape

First, start by cutting the Chinet Classic White Plate in half using scissors or a utility knife. Put both halves together with the tops inward, making a container shape. Feeling extra creative? Personalize the plate by painting it a bright color, using patterned Washi tape or have the kids draw on them before cutting. We left ours white for a crisp clean look. 

Next, punch holes around the rim of the plate. It helps to use double-sided tape to hold the two halves together and ensure the holes will be aligned. We decided to punch 14 evenly spaced holes. Since the plates are so durable, the holes can be hard to punch—don’t be afraid to put a little extra muscle into it. 

Using twine, ribbon or string, thread the two plate halves together. Leave a little extra twine on the ends, so that you can tie a bow or knot at the top. 

Once the basket is woven together, you can determine what to put inside. We went with an assortment of fresh flowers. To keep the flowers from wilting, we wrapped the stems in damp paper towels. Since flowers can tend to be pricey, consider more budget-friendly alternatives, such as paper flowers or pinwheels. 

Now, on to the best part—choosing the lucky recipient and delivering your May Day basket!