Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed


By: Mariah Leeson of Giggles Galore

Whenever my family asks me what I want to do for Mother's Day, without hesitation I reply, "sleep in!" Sleeping in and breakfast in bed are my idea of the perfect Mother's Day. The only thing that could make it better is a bouquet of handmade flowers from my kids. So naturally, I've created a fun Mother's Day breakfast in bed post to help me drop hints that this is truly all I need to make my special day extraordinary!


I love being a mom, but let's face it, sometimes the little people in my life (and their dad) could use some help making my dreams of sleeping in and enjoying a no-fuss Mother's Day come true. If you're like me, you may have to drop a few hints to make sure you have the perfect day. Chinet® products have the no-fuss part covered. With the Chinet® Cut Crystal® line, you will feel like you are dining at a stylish and sophisticated restaurant, but without the long lines or crowds. Complete your perfect breakfast in bed with a cute printable and a simple paper plate flower craft that even dad can make with the kids!  


Not only are these simple paper plate flowers great for Mother's Day, but they could also double as pretty decorations for any spring, summer or birthday celebration.


What You Will Need:


Step 1: Start by folding the round, Chinet Classic White dessert plate in half. 



Step 2: Fold the plate in half again.


Step 3: Fold the plate in half one more time, so that it looks like this.


Step 4: Use the scissors to cut the petals for your flower. Start cutting on one side of the flower and around the paper plate as you go. When you reach the other side, cut slightly farther down than where you started on the other side - you want the petals of your flower to resemble a clover. Tip: The paper plates are very thick once they are folded, so you will need a good, sharp pair of scissors for this part. If you are doing this craft with kids, make sure an adult does this step.


Step 5: Repeat this step and create a variety of flower petals. I used and cut four plates per flower.


Step 6: Wrap the edges of the paper plate around a small pen or pencil and curl the edges of your flowers.


Step 7: To make the center of your flower, use a piece of the discarded paper plate edge. Snip a strip of the plate to create a ribbon of fringe.  


Step 8: Begin rolling the ribbon of fringe in a circular pattern to create the center of your flower. Use a dab of hot glue to secure it.


Step 9: Paint your flower petals. One of the reasons I love using the Chinet Classic White plates for this craft is because they are thick and strong, which makes them perfect for painting or to watercolor on. 


Step 10: Once the paint is dry, hot glue your flower petals together. Fluff the edges of each flower until you get the desired look.


Step 11: Attach the flower to the back of a striped paper straw. Fill a Chinet Cut Crystal wine glass with green paper shred. Insert the beautiful, handcrafted flowers and step back and enjoy the beautiful bouquet.



I hope that these are delivered to you on a tray along with breakfast on Mother's Day!


Speaking of breakfast in bed, I've created an order form to help you make sure your Mother's Day dreams come true. Just print our free Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed order form, fill it out and hang it on your door. Hopefully, dad and the kids will get the hint and make you a tray full of your favorites in the morning!  


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I hope your Mother's Day celebration is relaxing and full of extraordinary memories that you can cherish forever. What do you have planned for Mother's Day? Share your kid-friendly entertaining ideas using #MyChinetParty.

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