Our Favorite Holiday Paper Napkin Folds


Napkin folds are a fun way to dress up your holiday tablescape and make the season a little brighter for your guests. We’re always on the lookout for napkin folds that can be done with our Chinet® Classic White™ dinner napkins. 

If you’re looking to go all-out with your holiday napkin folds, consider adding props like stars, a ribbon, or even some holly. This holiday napkin fold creatively incorporates plaid ribbon and seasonal greenery for a festive look. 


For a simpler look with a touch of sparkle, try the Christmas tree napkin fold topped with a glittering gold star. 


We love how complex and layered the poinsettia napkin fold looks despite being simple to create.


If you’re going for a classic napkin fold without the flair of extra props, the rose napkin fold is an elegant choice for any occasion, especially during the holiday season.


For a show-stopping look, the double-star napkin fold delivers with a full, geometric design that resembles a snowflake.


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