Setting a Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Table


Thanksgiving can be hectic – especially when you’re trying to get everyone seated and dinner on the table. Here are a few tips that should take care of the little ones, all while giving them a special space all their own. 

Butcher paper is your friend.

Don’t bother busting out a tablecloth for the kids’ table. Opt for butcher paper instead. Spills won’t matter and at the end of the meal, you can bunch the whole thing up and toss it in the trash. Easy. If you’ve hosted Thanksgiving dinner before, you know that even the tiniest bit of help on cleanup, well, helps.

Printable Placemat

This activity-based, kid-friendly placemat should help entertain your littlest, hungriest guests while you’re putting the finishing touches on the feast. Simply download your printable placemat here and print and make sure you remember the crayons.

Pilgrim Hat Crayon Cups

This fun craft can serve as a vessel to hold those crayons we just mentioned. Plus, it’s easy enough that the kids can help you make them the day before or the morning of.  Learn how to make pilgrim hat crayon cups here.

Opt for disposables. 

Remember what we said about butcher paper being your friend? The same is true of disposable tableware. Chinet® Classic White™ dinner plates, bowls, and napkins are sturdy enough to stand up to your heaviest, heartiest, sauciest dishes (and still make for easy cleanup). 

Behold, the Turkey Napkin Fold.

Create this festive napkin fold for your place settings using Chinet® Classic White™ dinner napkins. If we had to guess, this impressive napkin fold would go over well at the adult table, too.​ Learn how to make your own turkey napkin fold here.​