Spruce Up Your Tabletop


Spruce up the table setting at your next holiday gathering with this easy napkin fold, courtesy of Lindi Haws of Love The Day.


Start by laying a Chinet® Classic White™ lunch napkin flat on a hard surface, with one corner pointing directly toward you. 


Make sure the napkin is positioned so that the two bottom-most edges are the folds. 


Take the top layer of the top corner and fold it down, forming a triangle. Leave about a one-inch frame around the bottom half.


Fold the next layer of the top corner down toward the bottom, leaving a bit of a frame around the last layer you folded down.


Repeat the last step with the next layer of the top corner. With each layer you’ve folded down, the triangles formed should be getting smaller.


Now, fold the left corner behind and to the center. Instead of a corner on the left side, you’ll now have a straight edge.


Do the exact same thing with the right corner.


Add a strip of plaid fabric (or any pattern you prefer) around the napkin fold and decorate with seasonal greenery.

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