Thanksgiving Leaf Napkin Fold


Dress up your everyday napkins for Thanksgiving dinner with this easy Leaf Napkin Fold, courtesy of Sara Schmutz of the Confetti Sunshine blog. Watch the step-by-step tutorial and use the written instructions listed below to create your own.


Start by completely unfolding a Chinet® Classic White™ dinner napkin. Place it on a hard surface with one of the corners pointing directly toward you. 

Join the right corner of the napkin with the left corner, folding it in half diagonally. This will create a left-pointing triangle.

Join the bottom corner with the top corner, folding it in half once again, to create another smaller triangle.

Take the top fold and fold it down into an accordion fold, approximately 1 inch wide. If you have an extra napkin at the end, simply fold it under and into the back of your fold.

Now, flip the entire napkin over and repeat the accordion fold on the other side. Make sure you are firming pressing down each fold to create a neat, clean crease.

Grab your scissors and cut a piece of twine about 15 inches long.

Tie the twine into a bow at the bottom of your napkin.

After turning your napkin so that you can see the folds, gently pull on either side of the napkin to fan out the folds – creating your festive napkin folded leaf.

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