Tips For Improving Your Morning Commute


Whoever said “half the fun is getting there” clearly didn’t know anything about a stressful 30 minute (or more) commute in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Here are five easy tips for not just improving your morning commute, but turning it into a relaxing time you (almost) look forward to.

Two Disposable, Chinet Coffee Cups in Car Cup Holders

Read up. Or rather, listen up. Before you reach to turn up the radio, consider downloading an audio book to listen to on your way to work. By only listening when you’re commuting, you may actually begin to look forward to your time behind the wheel.

Bring your own brew. Stopping for coffee tacks more time onto your commute. Not to mention, it costs money. Brew your favorite coffee at home instead, and bring it along for the ride in the stylish Comfort Cup® by Chinet®. Designed with three layers of insulation to keep drinks at the perfect temperature and a tight-fitting lid to allow for easy, one-handed drinking, drinking coffee in the car has never been more comfortable.

And for a bonus: if you join Club Chinet [click here], you’ll receive a coupon for $0.75 off to use towards your next Comfort Cup® purchase.

Practice makes perfect. Whether you’re rehearsing a big sell, practicing a pitch or planning a tricky conversation, your time in the car can be used productively to learn lines, prepare arguments and go over appropriate body language.

Give tech a rest. Your commute may be the one part of the day when you can power down your phone without repercussions. Instead of taking work-related calls, or any calls at all, try powering down your phone until you get to the office. Nothing is so important that it can’t wait 15 minutes. This is the time to focus on yourself and nothing else. Meditate, reflect, or just be more mindful.

Give those endorphins a boost. How do you do this? By singing. Yes, this may sound ridiculous, but singing releases endorphins and relieves stress because it’s actually considered an aerobic exercise. So, turn up the tunes and put those lungs to work. Besides, how many times do you actually have control over the stereo without a little one begging for their favorite song from the back seat?