Turkey With a Twist


Love Thanksgiving. Love turkey. Love leftover turkey from Thanksgiving. But let’s be honest, by the time Saturday rolls around, those go-to sandwiches start to taste pretty bland. Luckily, our friends at Honeysuckle White® are here to save the day. And the leftover turkey.


Turkey Croissant: Juicy leftover turkey tossed in a savory sauce and nestled between two buttery, flaky croissant halves? Say no more.

Turkey, Spinach and Swiss Quiche: We love a warm breakfast with the potential to bake ahead of time. Add or subtract veggies to tailor this quiche to your taste.

Holiday Turkey Minis: Because we’re a sucker for anything baked in a mini muffin pan. It’s like Thanksgiving dinner all over again, in pop-able form.  

Light Turkey Corn Chowder: If there’s one thing we love, it’s comfort food. This recipe combines two comfort foods for one delicious flavor combo. 

Easy Turkey Enchiladas: Forget the ground beef this time around. We’re opting for the turkey version, topped with salsa, of course.


And of course, don’t forget the Chinet® Classic White™ plates on which to serve your tasty leftover creations.

Photos Source: Honeysuckle White®