Valentine’s Day Conversation Heart Candy Boxes


By: Lindi Haws of Love The Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and it’s time to shower your loved ones with notes, sweet treats, and surprises! My family loves this holiday and tends to go all out with our celebrations. We leave love notes around the house, make homemade gifts for each other and wear Valentine’s Day apparel on the 14th. This year, I’ve come up with these DIY conversation heart candy boxes to give to my daughters on Valentine’s Day morning. I made them using Chinet® Classic White square dessert plates and love how they turned out. They took just minutes to make and I am so excited to show them to my girls. I’m planning on making a bunch more of them with my girls on Valentine’s Day to pass out to our neighbors and friends. Make your own boxes using the instructions below. 

DIY Valentine's Day Boxes

What You Will Need:


Turn the square plate corner-side down and draw a heart on the plate. Using scissors, cut out the heart. Use that heart plate as a template and repeat the process on another plate. Turn the two plates inside out, and hot glue the top flaps together. Next, glue the side of the hearts together. Let it dry. Paint the heart box using watercolor paints and let it dry. Glue or stick on glitter letters. Finish by filling with candy and enjoy! 

DIY Valentine's Day Boxes

So fun, right?! They make the best little gift boxes for the holiday. The small size makes them perfect for holding the right amount of candy. I can’t wait to place the boxes on my daughter’s pillowcases before they go to bed! They can also make for easy Valentine’s Day party favors, classroom presents or gifts for neighbors.

DIY Valentine's Day Boxes

What about you? Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Do you have plans to surprise your loved ones? Let’s hear what you have planned! And if you make the conversation boxes, upload them to social media and use the hashtags #MyChinetParty and #LTDcrafts, so we can all see them! 

Lindi Haws is the founder of Love The Day. There is nothing Lindi loves more than finding unique and creative ways to celebrate the most important days in life. From printable products to creative DIY decor, Lindi creates ways to make parties memorable so others can love the day.