Mushroom Club

Mushroom Club Atlanta, GA The Mushroom Club gathers to find hidden treasures in the woods and in the people that surround them. Their collective passion for fungi has formed various beautiful marriages and multigenerational friendships over the years. It’s more than just a club. It’s a family.    Dig into something… Read More

Tap Chicks

Tap Chicks Pasadena, CA The Tap Chicks are a vivacious group of women who prove age is nothing but a tap number. By keeping life full of dancing and laughter they have become inseparable. It’s more than just a troupe. It’s a community.  Tap into your inner baker. Life is… Read More

504 Boyz

504 Boyz New Orleans, LA The 504 Boyz began when an uncle took his nephew horseback riding. Years later, that nephew is bringing people together through a shared love of riding and a fierce loyalty to each other. It’s more than just a group. It’s a brotherhood.     Pass a good… Read More


Here’s to Us Over the last few years, we were reminded that people are not meant to be alone. And that something powerful happens when we come together. In this documentary project, we followed three groups across the country who are making connections and building community in inspiring ways. … Read More