Here’s to caring for others and the world around us

People holding Chinet Comfort® cups while hiking in a forest

The Chinet® brand believes in the power of people coming together. Together, we can make memories. We can make a difference. And we can do more good for the world than we can alone. So, when you gather, invite the Chinet® brand to the party. Because our goal is to leave less of a mess behind for future generations. We’re committed to lessening our carbon emissions in line with the Science Based Targets initiative and creating a more beautiful world with products that protect our food, people, and planet.

Join Us On the Journey

You’ve planned. You’ve entertained. Now, this is where things really get good. No, we’re not talking about the cleanup (although we love that part too). We’re talking about us working together to help the planet. Here’s how you can do your part.

Part of something greater.
Woman and children sitting in a hammock holding Chinet Comfort® Cups
Two girls eating a snack from a Chinet Classic® Lunch plate on a picnic blanket

Learn more about Huhtamaki—the Chinet® brand parent company—and their goal to embed sustainability in everything they do to achieve carbon-neutral production and design all their products to be recyclable, compostable, or reusable by 2030.

Read about Huhtamaki’s sustainability ambitions